Jessica Newell

Crazy Flower Lady

Just here to share the love

Meet Jess

I started ‘For the loveee of Flowers’ over a year ago but have been in the Florist Industry for almost a decade. 

I didn’t grow up knowing that I would become a crazy flower lady. Heck, I didn’t even know anything about flowers 10 years ago!

It just comes down to being in the right place at the right time, and the flowery path has lead me to right where I am today.

The more I learn about flowers, I swear the more devoted I become. Flowers are just the coolest creations from Mother Earth! Like sunflowers following the sun and tulips following light, the different shades of pink, the purple freckles, the odd shapes, the different perfumes, the tongue of an orchid and how it looks a lot like an alien, how they start as tiny buds the size of your finger nail only to grow into something much bigger then your head!

Still to this day I am amazed by flowers and I count my lucky stars that I get to work with them.

But you know, that’s only one part of my job. The other part has shown me how flowers make people feel. And if this floral journey has taught me anything, it’s taught me the importance of giving.

How one simple gesture, a random act of kindness can change someone’s day or life!

It’s in these moments, that I found the pure satisfaction of either being that bridge to help make it happen, or creating these moments myself.

I found that people’s (even stranger’s) happiness, is the fuel to my happiness.

Giving, sharing, loving, appreciating, accepting; all these genuine actions mean so much to us, and yet are hardly ever practiced towards one another.

And maybe that’s why my flowery path has led me here.

I am that bridge too.

To open all your eyes to not only the beauty within a flower, but how that flower can make you feel.

- Jess N.